Monday, March 15, 2010

Our First House: The Before Photos

Here are the photos of our house before we did ANYTHING to it.

The front of the house:
Entry (actually we had primed part of the hallway white at this point... the entire thing was that pink shade when we bought the house... the walls, doors, trim, EVERYTHING):
Green Terrazzo in the entry:
Breakfast Room:

Almost all of the vents in the house looked like this:
Laundry Room:
Back Door:
Living Room (these photos are from when we looked at the house with our Realtor; this is not our furniture):
This was the carpet in the Living Room and Master Bedroom:
Living Room Photos (after we bought the house):
Formal Dining Room:
Master Bathroom (yes... that wallpaper is metallic... also, check out the light fixtures):
Office (notice the GREEN SHAG CARPET!):
The light in the ceiling fan didn't work (you can see the light part just hanging down by wires):
Guest Bedroom (featuring green shag & hole in the wall):
Other Guest Bedroom (hello, shag!):
Guest Bathroom (we like to refer to this as the acid trip bathroom):

Bathroom Air Vent (mmm, rust...):