Monday, June 27, 2011

Playlist: Eric Hutchinson "Rock& Roll"

Such a great, upbeat song


After receiving emails from and browsing 20x200 for over a year, I finally bought some prints for our house.

(click on each image to go to the 20x200 page)
Untitled, from the series Owner of This World by Shawn Records

The Bison Constellation by Alexander Beeching

Logging Camp, Kham by Raul Gutierrez

Red Truck on the Back Road to Manigango by Raul Gutierrez

I have a lot more on my wish list but since they are mostly $50 11x14's I'm going to stagger out their purchase. :)

Playlist: Ray LaMontagne "Beg Steal or Borrow"

Such a great song... happy Monday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our First House: The Before Photos

Here are the photos of our house before we did ANYTHING to it.

The front of the house:
Entry (actually we had primed part of the hallway white at this point... the entire thing was that pink shade when we bought the house... the walls, doors, trim, EVERYTHING):
Green Terrazzo in the entry:
Breakfast Room:

Almost all of the vents in the house looked like this:
Laundry Room:
Back Door:
Living Room (these photos are from when we looked at the house with our Realtor; this is not our furniture):
This was the carpet in the Living Room and Master Bedroom:
Living Room Photos (after we bought the house):
Formal Dining Room:
Master Bathroom (yes... that wallpaper is metallic... also, check out the light fixtures):
Office (notice the GREEN SHAG CARPET!):
The light in the ceiling fan didn't work (you can see the light part just hanging down by wires):
Guest Bedroom (featuring green shag & hole in the wall):
Other Guest Bedroom (hello, shag!):
Guest Bathroom (we like to refer to this as the acid trip bathroom):

Bathroom Air Vent (mmm, rust...):